Ohemaa Wrap Coat

Asantii Hall: Grand Ground Stand: B24
  • Ohemaa Wrap Coat
  • Ohemaa Wrap Coat
Ohemaa Wrap Coat Ohemaa Wrap Coat

The Ohemaa {Ooo-hee-ma} Oversized Wrap Coat takes is meaning from the word queen, in Twi, a Ghanaian language.

Featuring hand embroidered stitch detail, produced by a Rwandan Embroidery Cooperative, the Ohemaa Coat has been produced in our sunset abstract print.

Inspired by the magical sunsets many African countries have thanks to the continent’s epic horizons that are caressed by glowing skies, our sunset abstract print was produced to infuse our debut collection with the energy of these magical twilight scenes. The burnt orange hue is inspired by an East African dusk, its warm tone complimenting a rich indigo reminiscent of traditional West African textiles such as the Yoruba resist-dyed Adire.

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