14 Jun 2022

SR Jewelry Collection

SR by Sonali Raman Hall: Hall 1 Stand: G68
  • SR Jewelry Collection
  • SR Jewelry Collection
  • SR Jewelry Collection
SR Jewelry Collection SR Jewelry Collection SR Jewelry Collection

SR by Sonali Raman stands for slow and responsible fashion. The brand believes in offering ethical making and sustainable choices to clients, while being truly inclusive in its approach.


SR by Sonali Raman Jewelry line showcases Zardosi (Zur: gold; Douzi: embroidery), a long-forgotten craft form that uses gold and silver wires, metal spangles and tiny dots and seed pearls to create intricate patterns historically on garments.


We have rebirthed this art form for everyday wear, and this elaborate metallic wire embroidery now embellishes our line of earrings, bracelets, neckpieces and other accessories. Each piece is carefully handcrafted, using the best of materials, lovingly put together by master karigars (artisans) who excel in this craft.


Our jewelry, while harking back to classic artisanal embroideries, is imbued with a quirky, modern sensibility that suits wearers of every generation. Again, being truly inclusive. Made from high quality, ethically sourced leftover leather that would otherwise have been sent to a landfill, these unique pieces are works of handmade art, channeling international cultures in pattern and design.



At the very heart of the brand is the chevron motif. SR’s signature chevron patterns are delicately worked into every single piece of jewelry and apparel.



When you buy an SR by Sonali Raman, you are buying an enduring piece of fashion. You invest in being kinder to the environment by choosing a timeless piece of jewelry.


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