25 Nov 2022

A Voyage of Rediscovery

COTI Hall: Grand Ground Stand: C61
  • A Voyage of Rediscovery
  • A Voyage of Rediscovery
  • A Voyage of Rediscovery
A Voyage of Rediscovery A Voyage of Rediscovery A Voyage of Rediscovery

COTI have made their mark globally by revolutionizing the glasses chain.  Deborah Meadon stated: “they brought an important bit of everyday kit out of the dullness and into the light”.  As we have come to expect from COTI, they are launching in January 2023 more of their unique Italian signature styles.    The new colour ways lend themselves to a voyage of rediscovery as the unique blend and majestic hues create an ode to the stolen moments between the afterglow of summer sunsets and glistening turquoise waters.


The refinement and delicacy of workmanship shout elegance and finesse, with no two pieces ever being the same.


The studied colours are full of charisma and transmit a charm and effortless tranquil beauty.   Featured here are:


FOXY COBLAT: creates of balance of harmony and accentuates the brilliance of the unconventional rich cobalt and brown tones


SPICY PLUM: reminds us of the mouth-watering sweetness of refreshing plum and spicy cinnamon


STORMY WATERS: the lush colours resonate with turquoise waters, salty sea air and holiday sunsets



All COTI chains are designed to be worn as an eyewear chain or a stand-alone necklace.  The AMORE ITALIA collection is handmade in Italy from recycled materials.

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