01 Mar 2023

Aleksander Revas "Flowers of Infinity" LookBook | ISSUE 1 2023

ALEKSANDER REVAS ATELIER Hall: Grand Ground Stand: F25

While disease, war, social injustice, and destruction ravage our world and change it in ways we are still to comprehend, it takes resiliency, fortitude, dignity, and elegance to sketch a future of hope and beauty.

Distancing herself from the darkness that surrounds her, the Revas woman choses and embraces life. She channels subtle oriental mysteries, reinterprets classical silhouettes and blooms within the hopeful tomorrow she builds for herself.

Couture-inspired tailoring in Italian super-fine pure wools, soft lyocell pieces, fluid bias-cuts, geometric yet delicate details and our fragrant “INFINKO” print by Maison Deveaux, are at her disposal from Aleksander Revas this season, as future emerges, and life prevails. 

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