01 Nov 2023

Aleksander Revas "Ruga Vintro" LookBook | ISSUE 3 2023

ALEKSANDER REVAS ATELIER Hall: Grand Ground Stand: F25

The Ruga Vintro collection, translating to Red Winter, is our way of interpreting cold weather fashion. Crafted from lush, warm wool with a thick jersey feel, each piece envelops its wearer in luxurious comfort while exuding a bold, fiery elegance.


The signature hue, Pompeian Red, infuses every garment with a striking intensity, capturing the essence of both the vibrant flames and the tranquil snow of winter.


Inspired by the profound duality of these natural elements, the collection balances strength and softness, power, and grace. Empowering silhouettes define the collection, celebrating the female form with confidence and sophistication.


Handmade shirred details add a touch of bespoke craftsmanship and elevate each piece. Ruga Vintro is more than a fashion statement – it is a celebration of nature's contrasting yet harmonious forces, expressed through design, special fabrics and craftsmanship.

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