Collection AW22/23 "Today. Tomorrow."

Kan-Brand Hall: Hall 1 Stand: C71

KAN's autumn-winter 2022/2023 collection - Today. Tomorrow. - beautifully blends the artistry of fashion design, with respect for Mother Nature.

At KAN we have a genuine interest in harmoniously bridging the gap between fashion and sustainability, where one doesn't exclude the other, and where bold-chic aesthetics and eco-friendly decisions create a strong, lasting synergy.

"Today. Tomorrow.' is a tribute to this synergy and represents a commitment to making better choices now, that translate into a better tomorrow. A tomorrow where you can feel fabulous wearing KAN, while also caring for the environment.

Revel in the autumn air under our signature and luxurious organic cottons and wools. Hug yourself with the warmth of our latest textile additions: lyocell and water-repellent GOTS-certified vegan leather.

Our fabrics are created by renowned European textile houses that pioneer the highest-quality materials. Most are natural, many are organic or vegan, and all are produced with the highest concern for the wellbeing of the plants and animals involved. Our garments are then made within Europe, allowing for a minimal carbon footprint.

This complete collection adds to the brand's predominant romantic, colorful and playful aesthetics, an extension of pragmatism through unapologetic cuts and structured design. It features statement vegan leather coats in soothing Earthy tones, jumpsuits in mint hued tartans, edgy dresses with billowy sleeves in dynamic prints, dramatic open back dresses and dazzling over sized earrings.

Two things are certain with this collection:
-You can wear anything in 'Today. Tomorrow.' and be comforted by the fact.
that this glamorous line is environmentally friendly.
-You will look and feel incredible while doing so.
You don't have to sacrifice a distinctive, elegant style to protect the environment.

Why not have both?

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