20 Jun 2023


#TOGETHERBAND x Pure London Hall: Grand Ground Stand: E10

BOTTLETOP was founded in 2002 by Cameron and Roger Saul with a belief that people should be able to own beautiful things which also leave a beautiful impact on people and planet.

Upcycled metals have been a part of our journey since 2002 when we started designing with metal tops in Kenya and South Africa.

Since 2005 we have been working with upcycled aluminium ring pulls as a signature material. We buy the ring pulls from ‘catadores / trash pickers’ who collect recyclable materials from the streets in Brazil. We pay them per kilo and it's an important source of income for people who are often living on the streets.

Each ring pull is individually selected as around 30% are too damaged or scratched to be used. Once the batch has been selected they are washed, clipped, filed and polished before being painted or sent to the laboratory to be anodised. Only then are they woven together to start their new life journey as part of our signature chain mail fabric.

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