Collection SS22 "PLAY!"

Kan-Brand Hall: Hall 1 Stand: C71


Feel the breeze as you gently open your eyes. Hear the flowers
swaying in the fields. See the cotton candy clouds in the sky.
Embrace the balmy sun as it touches your skin. A smile on your
face as your body begins to move. Your inner child awakens as
you jump, run, dance, and fall into endless laughter and play.
Drawing inspiration from the wondrous and playful adventures
of our childhood, we designed Spring-Summer 2022 around the
concept of Play!
With this collection, we move forward on our journey to bring
you unique and sustainable chic garments are made from the best
organic fabrics that Europe has to offer.
Enter a magical universe of light-weight, enveloping garments,
sweet pastels, and whimsical prints. Discover breezy shirts and
bohemian dresses with ruffled sleeves. Explore jumpsuits with
accentuated waistlines and stylish designs with dreamy
oversized bows.
Our garments are ethically made in Europe from certified organic
linens and cotton. Our finest linen is sourced from a renowned
family business in Ireland, dating from 220 years ago. The
adorable strawberries-adorned prints are of English origins,
sourced from the illustrious house of Liberty textiles.
These sustainably chic designs and the unforgettable touch of
organic fabrics are perfect enhancements for spring and summer
days. Wear Play by KAN and be carried away by the essence of
sustainable chic.

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