01 Mar 2021

FROMSOIL LOOKBOOK [metamorphosis]

This story is inspired by the art of pottery.
Probably the amongst the oldest amalgamations of the spirits of man & nature, bringing forth one of the most influential forms of human art, that has been perpetuating throughout ages, giving us solid evidences & reflections on history of mankind.

The significance of pottery has endless dimensions, ranging from utilitarian to artistic to cultural, and even to philosophically inspirational.

In all likelihood, it is the last dimension that sets this story in motion.

Holding fast to the connate characteristics of FromSoil, the collection presents ultimate luxury, nesse and craftsmanship.

The selected combination of ve colours [metaphorical representation of the all ve elements of nature which are embodied in pottery], along with the motifs & shadows inspired by clay structures, sets an earthy redolence that permeates the collection as well as your body & soul.

Our nest & ultra light silk fabric comes directly from silk weaving hubs in India & extends not only to the clothing but down to every single meticulously hand embroidered patch motif.


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