01 Jan 2024

Lookbook Exuberant Collection

Mama Tierra Hall: Grand Gallery Stand: J45

Welcome to the ethereal realm of Mama Tierra's latest lookbook - a captivating journey that intertwines sustainable fashion, Wayuu artisan craftsmanship, and the awe-inspiring beauty of Colombia and Venezuela's exuberant nature. With a deep reverence for our planet and a dedication to empowering women, this collection is a celebration of the harmony between style, culture, and ecological consciousness.

The lush landscapes, abundant flora, and diverse fauna of Colombia and Venezuela serve as an unending source of inspiration for our artisans. The collection embraces the kaleidoscope of colors found in nature, from the vivid hues of tropical flowers to the earthy tones reminiscent of the sun-kissed beaches. It's an invitation to adorn yourself and your home with the magnificence of the wild and let your spirit bloom like blossoming petals.

Mama Tierra is proud to be a part of the movement that empowers women, celebrates nature's wonders, and promotes sustainable fashion. Through our conscious choices, we invite you to be a part of the change, a catalyst for positive transformation in the world of fashion.

Step into this extraordinary fusion of traditions, nature, and artistry, and become a reflection of the beauty that surrounds us.

Collab: Anna Peter Breton for Mama Tierra by Marie de la Roche

For Marie de la Roche, this collaboration transcends the boundaries of creativity. Her deep-rooted connection to La Guajira fuels a commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of women in the region. The proceeds from this collaboration will directly support Mama Tierra's Newborn Project, ensuring essential care for mothers-to-be and their newborns.

Marie de la Roche has crafted two leather bag designs, named Madre and Niño, representing the tender bond between mother and child. Meticulously developed and perfected, these bags embody Marie's unwavering commitment to excellence and social responsibility.

Anna Peter Breton, an epitome of artistic brilliance, translated the spirit of La Guajira into five breathtaking watercolors. Mama Tierra's artisans, with their hands guided by a deep connection to the culture and beauty of La Guajira, have rendered the essence of Anna's watercolors into unique tapestry pieces.

The Madre size is available in 3 different tapestry designs and the Niño size is available in 4 different tapestry designs. Both models are available in 7 leather colors.

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