30 Jan 2020


Compañía Fantástica, staying true to its philosophy season by season, bets again for individualism and singularity in its new Fall Winter 20 collection. This time, inviting women to show the world the magic inside them. In a sociocultural environment where trends are born as fast as they die, the need to belong to a group has become a necessity, and, what’s more revolutionary than being true to one’s self? Following the concept of self-affirmation, the collection “Show your Magic” continues with the Fantastic spirit that stands for prints, the use of colors and comfortable patterns as a celebration of the magic that lies within each one of us. A proposal that is built as an homage to the brand’s clients, that will find in the new collection an infinite number of options to express their own personality without the need to adapt to temporary trends. A mix of prints, fabrics, styles and volumes coexist with the only goal of highlighting our happiest and freer side. A collection full of color, optimistic, warm and imaginative in which we find a wide range of original and exclusive prints: figurative, abstract, floral… in versatile pieces full of details. Absolut stylistic freedom where everything’s allowed and the only goal is to feel good with oneself. Compañía Fantástica’s new collection expresses how special you are!

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