16 Jun 2023

SunKissed Symphony: A Melody of Urban Beach Chic

Atelier Monarh Hall: Grand Ground Stand: H75

This collection takes you on a summer-filled voyage, celebrating the harmonious coalescence of sustainability, versatility, and ebullient style. With a pinch of urban flair blended seamlessly with the breezy, light-hearted allure of the beach, we bring forth a line of outfits designed to last and create delightful memories.


Our SunKissed Symphony collection radiates the spirit of summer in a dazzling palette. Bold, vibrant hues inspired by sunsets and seashells, combined with the chic sophistication of metropolitan neutrals, create an ensemble that's equal parts fun and fashionable. It's a thrilling sartorial adventure, from the sun-drenched boardwalks to the city's glittering skyline.

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