10 Feb 2024

Swahili Resort by dream.designs Lookbook

Dream Designs Hall: Grand Ground Stand: G31D
Introducing Swahili Resort Collection a mix of old and new styles that celebrates Tanzanian tradition and modern fashion. These clothes combine the colorful and royal feel of Kanga fabric with second-hand clothing, giving a fresh twist to everyday wear. From fun patterns to simple elegance, each piece reflects the spirit of Tanzanian women, who are vibrant and versatile. In this lookbook, you'll discover 10 unique designs that blend Kanga fabric with second-hand clothing. These designs are available to order in various sizes, from small to XXXL, ensuring inclusivity for women of all shapes and sizes. For the Pure London showcase, we primarily feature sizes medium to large to accommodate a range of women. Our focus is on embracing diversity and catering to women of all sizes, making our clothing accessible and flattering for everyone, from the smallest to the largest sizes. How we made it: Second-Hand Men's Shirts: We've incorporated second-hand men's shirts of various colors into our designs, such as the Incha kimono and the Zanzibar Fusion shirt, to add a unique twist to the collection. Plain Cotton Bedsheets: White cotton bedsheets, sourced second-hand, are used as lining for several garments, ensuring sustainability and a fresh aesthetic throughout the collection. Denim: Different shades of blue denim take center stage in pieces like the Bongo Patch shirt, adding a rugged yet stylish element to the collection. NdaniNje Reversible Kimono: In this design, denim is ingeniously used as facing, showcasing its versatility and durability while providing a distinct visual appeal. Kanga Mix Tier Skirt: In the Kanga Mix tier skirt, we've incorporated plain white bedsheet fabric as one of the tiers, blending it with Kanga to create a unique three-tier design. This innovative approach adds depth and texture to the skirt, further enhancing its appeal and versatility. Moreover, Throughout the collection, Kanga fabric and bed sheets are used interchangeably as binding in many garments, ensuring a proper and polished finishing touch. This versatile approach not only adds aesthetic appeal but also contributes to the overall quality and durability of each piece.
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