The Dapper Lady

*The soul, creativity or love put into something, the essence of yourself that is put into work.*
Being a young brand, everyday we put our heart & soul into the working of it and this collection is a result of all the 
hardwork that goes behind the scenes. There are numerous things that we want in life but this season we decided to pause 
and rewind to appreciate the things we have in our life,to introspect the identity of the brand and what makes us different.
The Dapper Lady aims to provide luxury in a minimalist and classic way. We strive to find comfort in small aspects of 
The collection is an amalgamation of intricate details like cinched , gathered and sometimes oversized sleeves infused with 
wide, zipped and double collars curated in a way that represents minimalism.
The muted color palette with tonal colourblock exhibiting luxury.
Uplifting classics with defined stylelines and tonal layering presents the staple wardrobe in a different light yet being 
versatile enough.
To quote Drapers Magazine London
“Being true to its name, The Dapper Lady focuses on tailoring with a collection of smart trench coats, well cut trousers 
and blazers. Highlights include checked outerwear and suiting in the soft colour palette”
Thus, we bring to you ‘Meraki’—— A PIECE OF OUR HEART


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