26 Jun 2024

Feature as a guest writer for Pure London x JATC

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Share Your Expertise: Join Our Network of Industry Thought Leaders.

Pure London x JATC are excited to launch an online guest contributor program. This initiative aims to provide valuable advice and insights on trade-related issues from industry experts and to highlight thought leaders within our network.

We are seeking articles that offer practical, actionable advice from individuals with direct experience in their respective fields. Please note we understand AI may be used in research and elements of content creation, but we are not accepting guest articles solely created by AI.  

Each article will feature a short bio and a profile picture of the author, and we will include links to personal or company websites. Additionally, we will promote the articles across our social networks and share them with our email database where appropriate. While we encourage contributors to reference their companies to establish credibility, we do not accept posts that promote their company’s products or services as the main solution, as these are not sponsored pieces.

We typically look for articles of between around 1000 words, and of course this must be original content – we don’t republish old articles.

The types of content we are interested in include:

  • Cheat Sheets
  • How-to Guides
  • Insights into Specific Areas
  • Trends
  • Case Studies


Would you like to participate?

Contact us by filling out the form below:


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