10 May 2021

Guest Interview – Brodie Cashmere & Sustainability

Q1. Why has it been important for Brodie to be sustainable?

A: From an ethical standpoint first and for most, it is important we do our bit for the environment, and we are all doing something no matter how small.

Additionally, our customers share our values of wanting to live and act more sustainably, which is becoming more important in the fashion industry where fast fashion is consumed, and therefore it is important for us to operate sustainably to ensure we are not only meeting our customer needs and expectations.

Q2. What steps are you currently taking to ensure the company is operating sustainably?

A: We focus on quality and creating materials and finishes that are made to last as well as being kind to the environment. Alongside our cashmere, we have also developed packaging which is fully recyclable and sustainable.

We are also proud members of SFA (Sustainable Fibre Alliance), an organisation that works to improve to impacts of cashmere production in Mongolia. The SFA encourage the adoption of responsible production practices that minimise environmental impact, safeguard herder livelihoods and meet high animal welfare standards.

Q3. Who’s approach to sustainability within the fashion industry have you been particularly impressed by?

A: Zara have the commitment that 80% of the energy consumed in all of their distribution centers, offices and stores will be clean energy by 2025.

AND they have committed to zero waste to landfills from 2023.

Q4. What steps can your customers be taking at home to act sustainably with Brodie products?

A: Opt for investment pieces rather than choosing fast fashion. Fast fashion leaves behind a huge environmental footprint. From the landfill impact, and power and water consumption, to the pesticides used in growing cotton, it’s safe to say fast fashion is a real problem for the environment. With Brodie, our customers are purchasing pieces made of the highest quality cashmere, which is key to acting sustainably as they are investing in pieces that will last.

Our packaging is also recyclable and reusable, so our customers can ensure to dispose or reuse our packaging correctly.

Our customers can also follow our detailed care guide to ensure their cashmere pieces remain newer for longer. We pride ourselves on sourcing the longest cashmere fibres at 42mm. These long fibres allow you to wash your cashmere on a 30 degree wash. Washing at 30 degrees rather than 40 reduces your energy consumption by 57% per cycle.

Q5. Are there any initiatives you are looking to implement in the future?

A: We are looking to implement a recyclable cashmere project. Whereby customers could send us their 100% cashmere jumper in exchange for voucher, this gives their cashmere piece a second life by recycling the cashmere piece to create new fibers, which are then regenerated into a new cashmere piece.

We are also looking to continue to create our patchwork scarfs, which are made up of left-over pieces of cashmere at the factory and sewn together to create a beautiful patchwork scarf, to ensure minimal waste, each scarf is unique so it gives the customers the opportunity to also have a bespoke Brodie piece!

We also plan to work closely with the SFA to invest in projects with herders in Mongolia, as Cashmere production is the backbone of herders’ livelihoods in Mongolia and Inner Mongolia. Without cashmere, hundreds of thousands of people would lose their livelihoods.

Q6. Why is it important to care properly for your cashmere garments?

A: Our high-quality cashmere pieces are made with the longest cashmere fibres, and are made to last. It is therefore it is important to look after your cashmere piece, to ensure you get the most out of it. We have a detailed care guide at https://brodiecashmere.com/pages/care-guide which helps our customers to ensure they are looking after their pieces correctly, making clothes last longer is the first step to an ethical and sustainable wardrobe.


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