28 Mar 2022

Home Sweet Home

Spring is the most enchanting time of the year, when nature blossoms in all its glory, with a captivating explosion of colours. We are also dressing up for our upcoming Pure London show, this year back at our beloved home, in Olympia. We talked with Gloria Sandrucci, our event director, to learn more about what the future holds.  It's definitely looking bright!  Join us


Are you excited about returning to Olympia after a break of two and a half years?

Yes indeed, I am very much excited to return to such a beautiful and inspiring venue as Olympia is. Olympia is architecturally significant, it is a venue that our Pure London audience is in love with, and familiar with. Two and a half years is such a long time! It's definitely time for Pure London to be back at its beloved home.  

What’s different in the new floor plan?

It will be an exciting layout which will bring Womenswear, Accessories and Footwear together alongside the new destination area, Pure Jewel.  

Why emerging designers are relevant for the show? Can you tell me a bit more about the Design Lab?

The show will focus on newness. Retailers have told us one of the challenges they had during this time was to find new collections for their stores, collections that would make a difference, so we will present newness within the Design Lab, and also across Womenswear, Accessories and Footwear, as well as Pure Jewel.

Omnichannel is essential for retailers to seduce customers and keeping them engaged. Is this why there’s a TV and social content studio available pre-show? How can exhibitors make the most of it?

Consumers have adapted to different ways of buying, so for us as a trade show, we need to quickly change too in order to stay relevant. Hyve have invested in a beautiful high quality studio, which we will make available to our customers to reach out to our audience. It will be an opportunity to show their collections ahead of the show.

More and more buyers are pushing themselves to make more sustainable purchases. Does the show include any brands leading the way in terms of sustainability?

Sustainability is at the forefront of our agenda at Pure London. I am very proud that we were the very first trade show in the UK to talk about sustainability, back in 2018 when we launched the Power of One Campaign, partnered with Conscious Fashion Campaign and Common Objective. The aim is to encourage small steps towards a better future and to empower brands, businesses and consumers to each make one simple change that, together, will have a big impact on the planet we live on. This season we will have a sustainable trail around the show, which enables our visitors to recognise sustainable brands.

According to Retail Economics, clothing sales rose 52.5% YoY in January 2022, and footwear 55.5%. This is a staggering growth, how can retailers prepare for a promising golden quarter?

Certainly by coming to Pure London! They will be able to meet many of their regular suppliers and meet new ones they have never seen before.

Is there anything you can share about speakers and the catwalk, or is it still top secret?

We are working on a very exciting and inspiring line up of influential speakers and trend partners. I am delighted to share we have confirmed Ed Burstell, who was the Managing Director of Liberty of London for 8 years amongst many others, while the catwalk will be again the key feature at Pure London next July, so if you want to see what the future holds in terms of trends, that is the place to go.

What would you say to someone who has never been at Pure London? 

Pure London is more then just a trade show, it is a place to trade, network and learn, getting inspired, meet regular customers and discover newness, so if you want all of this whether you have a shop or you have a fashion collection Pure London is the place to be!





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