10 Jan 2023

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By Malaïka Ewande, former Creative Director of Promostyl


Nobleness: Elevated Tradition Sets the Tone for the Season 

Our first presentation focuses on the trend chosen to drive the entire show: Nobleness. We are breaking traditional codes of Power Dressing. When coming up with that new trend in our office, we noticed that the way women introduce their status and power through clothing had massively evolved!

Steering away from the basics, not only in terms of products but also in terms of styling, we couldn’t help but noticing the immensely casual turn the luxury market has taken. It indeed isn’t just about formal dressing anymore as we find pieces that feed on sportswear, varsity and streetwear while still bearing codes of tradition.

We also hatter the generational barriers without falling into ridicule and in order to introduce a more realistic market! This “casualisation” of the luxury market has also allowed for a deconstruction of the preconceived idea that a woman of a certain age should look a certain way in a way that we’ve seen age groups swap silhouettes, products, even fabrics! When talking about “Elevated tradition” here, we meant it not only in terms of fashion but in general!




Trend Update: AW23 Window Shopping Trends 

In our second presentation, we explore what the immersive retail experience now represents when buying on trend! In this day and age consumers have grown more humanist than ever, which shows through the trends we’ve analysed as we notice that humanity’s challenges have motivated designers and consumers alike to go for a fashion approach based on a new form of urban ecology, and finding solace in conscious consumerism.

That same new mantra is applied in stores in a sense that the installations and decors translate the trends visually through graphics, objects design and consumer experience! Stores, more than a simple space meant to store the clothes, are now a full on extension of the trends and meant to tell specific stories.



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