26 Oct 2021

Meet your Community: Rowdy Couture

Rowdy Couture offers a range of accessories for men and women and are appreciated for their bold and original designs. We checked in with the founder, Leon M. Yisrael to find out more about how Rowdy Couture is marking its place in the fashion industry. 



1. What have you been working on since we last saw you for Scoop x Pure?  

Since Scoop x Pure, Rowdy Couture has been focusing on partnerships with online wholesalers in order to make it easier for buyers to select which products they want and order in bulk. We continue to add more products as the brand evolves and have also further developed the website where we update regularly with different products coming soon. 


2. Creativity and bold designs are a part of Rowdy Couture’s DNA. Where do you get your inspiration from? 

The inspiration that allows the designs to flourish comes from both simple and complex designs. Often, we look within the fashion industry as an indication of how things can be done but moving away from this industry and looking at interior designs is our key to ensuring that we never run out of ideas at Rowdy Couture. 


rowdy couture tie jigsawtie stripey

3. How are your ties made to ensure such high quality? What is your process?   

We always start on paper with some sketches to get a rough idea of what we want the outcome to be and then once the designs are passed on to manufacturers, we check the samples. We will do this as many times as we need to ensure that no mistakes are made. If the samples do not come out as expected, the manufacturers are guided on correcting the mistakes. Once any mistakes are corrected, we know that we have the perfect products. 


4. Who is the typical Rowdy Couture customer?  

The Rowdy Couture customer is someone who likes to wear accessories that are loud, different and with a touch of luxury. There are different variations already with the designs that are available, some accessories are louder than others and prints will also translate to garments in the near future. The typical customer for Rowdy Couture is also someone that likes to have something that others might not necessarily have but will notice from a distance. 


5. How important are partnerships and collaborations to your business? Do we have any new projects to look forward to? 

Partnerships and collaborations are very important to Rowdy Couture because they grab the public’s attention and they spread the word about the brand. We have been reviewing partnerships that make sense for Rowdy Couture and will continue to do so in the future so that the brand is magnified and that more and more people will familiarise themselves with us. Discussions and meetings with marketing agencies have also helped to see what can be achieved from other perspectives to increase brand awareness. In the future, Rowdy Couture will be working with other brands to collaborate on new and exciting projects to show and increase our capabilities. 



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