08 Mar 2024


In the vibrant heart of London, where trends are born and creativity thrives, the inaugural Pure London x JATC event unfolded from 11-13 February 2024, at the iconic Olympia London. This celebration of individual expression marked a milestone in the fashion calendar, drawing professionals and talents from over 80 countries under one resplendent roof! Just in case you couldn’t make it, here is a glimpse of what you missed:


                                              Catwalk at Pure London x JATC                                            


Exploring Fashion's New Horizons


As attendees stepped inside, they were transported into a cabinet of curiosity. Eight distinct fashion destinations awaited, each buzzing with energy and newness. Whether drawn to the latest in Women's or Menswear, seeking sustainable options, or craving a taste of Beauty & Lifestyle, Pure London x JATC promised an immersive experience like no other.




A Dazzling Showcase of Creativity and Talent at The Catwalk


Throughout the three days of the event, the Pure London x JATC catwalk served as an engaging and dynamic hub of creativity and talent, attracting crowds with its captivating energy. Across eight exhilarating showcases, attendees were treated to a mesmerising display of the season's hottest looks and pieces, brought to life by a fusion of established brands and emerging talent. Graduate Fashion Week alumni dazzled alongside industry icons, underscoring the event's commitment to nurturing and celebrating emerging talent.

Love and Beads at The Catwalk at Pure London x JATC        CATWALK     Graduate Fashion Week at The Catwalk at Pure London x JATC


Insights from Industry Leaders


Former Hello! Fashion Monthly Editor, Jill Wanless captivated the crowd with her discourse on creating quiet luxury within a carefully curated wardrobe. With a discerning eye, she highlighted the importance of investing in quality pieces that stand the test of time. "If you genuinely love every piece in your wardrobe, you will keep them forever," Wanless asserted, leaving attendees with a renewed appreciation for the art of curating a timeless wardrobe.


                                           Jill Wanless at Pure London x JATC                                              


 Founder of Vesuvius, Pure London x JATC 2024's official trend partner, Malaika Ewande, electrified the audience with her exploration of mood-boosting fashion, urging attendees to embrace positivity and joy in their style choices. "Bright colours and layering are your best friends," she advised. From the whimsical nostalgia of "Child's Play," characterised by cartoonish shapes and cozy textures, to the audacious individuality of "Chaos Dressing," marked by voluminous silhouettes and eclectic textures, and culminated in the refined sophistication of "Monster Tailoring," with its innovative shapes and modern fabrics, Ewande's insights shaped the sartorial landscape with creativity and elegance.


                Malaika Ewande at Pure London 2024 Vesuvius at Pure London 2024


Championing Sustainability

The Sustainable destination curated a selection of eco-conscious exhibitors, while workshops and panel discussions delved into the multifaceted terrain of sustainable fashion. Olivia Pinnock, fashion journalist and Sustainability Ambassador for Pure London x JATC, led workshops focusing on messaging and visibility in sustainable practices. She emphasised the importance of confidently enforcing sustainable practices for a more equitable future.


                                            sustainability hub at pure london                                             


During a panel discussion moderated by Rachel Kim, Founder of Circular Earth, industry leaders such as Katherine O’Driscoll, Director of SP & KO Limited and Simon Platts, CEO and Founder of SP & KO Limited, discussed Extended Producer Responsibility. O’Driscoll highlighted the impending legislation's significance, stating, "EPR will be the biggest wakeup call our industries have seen.” Meanwhile, Vishal Tolambia, Founder of Humanity Centred Designs, emphasised the need for transparency, advocating for digital passports to showcase a product's journey.


Empowering Independent Retailers


The event emerged as a beacon for independent retailers, providing a vital platform to navigate the ever-evolving retail landscape. Panel discussions shed light on personalised customer experiences, offering invaluable insights into fostering loyalty and connection in an increasingly digital world. Janna Walker, founder of PAVEMENT, epitomised the spirit of innovation, showcasing the transformative power of community-driven retail experiences. Walker shared how PAVEMENT goes beyond traditional retail by hosting pre-loved shopping evenings and engaging workshops.


During a panel discussion moderated by Gabriele Dirvanauskas, Acting Editor at Drapers, industry leaders Natasha Yeomans, Buyer at Young Ideas, Gilly Aspey of Slate Clothing and Maddie Ashbrooke, Owner & Director of Moo and Boom, delved into the challenges and triumphs of the independent retail market. They emphasised the importance of personalisation and community-building in fostering enduring connections with customers. "In today's digital age, it's crucial for independent retailers to offer unique experiences that resonate with their customers," Yeomans asserted, encapsulating the sentiment of the panel.


TikTok Shop: A Catalyst for Digital Retail Innovation


Amidst the dynamic evolution of digital commerce, Thomas Wintle, Fashion E-commerce Leader at TikTok Shop, illuminated the shift in social commerce. With a laser focus on efficiency, engagement and entertainment, TikTok emerged as a force for brands aiming to captivate audiences and drive conversions.

Wintle's presentation showcased TikTok's transformative impact on the retail landscape through engaging examples and compelling statistics. Highlighting TikTok's unique appeal, Wintle emphasised its role as a hub for authentic and immersive content. "TikTok offers a platform where brands can seamlessly integrate into the user experience, fostering genuine connections with consumers," he explained.

Drawing from success stories of brands like Adidas, Maybelline, Puma and Victoria Beckham, Wintle illustrated TikTok's capacity to drive tangible results, "These brands have harnessed the power of TikTok Shop to launch and sell-out products, showcasing the platform's potential as a catalyst for retail success."


                                                          Talking at Pure                                                           


Pure London x JATC: Forging Connections, Inspiring Change!


As the curtains draw on this momentous event, the echoes of creativity and camaraderie linger on. Pure London x JATC not only united buyers and brands but also ignited a collective passion for innovation and sustainability. With each insightful seminar, electrifying showcase and meaningful exchange, the event reaffirmed its position as a beacon of inspiration and a catalyst for change in the global fashion landscape!


As we bid farewell, we eagerly anticipate the next chapter, welcoming everyone back to Pure London x JATC on 14-16 July 2024.


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