10 Oct 2019

Meet Timi Ajayi, Buyers Acquisition Manager

Meet Timi Ajayi, Buyers Acquisition Manager

A new decade of Pure is coming to Olympia London. Amongst many other exciting developments, we are introducing our Key Buyer Programme to the show this February. The Club at Pure is designed to bring key buyers together with our exhibitors, facilitating meetings and order writing to add even more value to the show. To find out more, I spoke with our Buyers Acquisition Manager Timi Ajayi…

What is your role at Hyve Group and what do you do for Pure London and Pure Origin?

I’m the middle man between the exhibitors and the buyers. My job is about understanding the industry and product offerings and piecing the puzzle together, so to speak; it’s definitely a problem-solving role and it involves a lot of listening.

The role itself is broken down into a few elements. The first is lead acquisition, buyer acquisition and relationship management, which is pretty much what it says on the tin. Another element is recommendation and matchmaking which gives our key buyers a really personal experience. The last part of the role is the more logistical side of things. We offer our key buyers a lot of incentives to make sure they come to the shows from taking care of their taxis to arranging their flights and accommodation if it’s required during the show.

The business is here because of our exhibitors and so even though “buyer” might be in my job title, I still never lose sight of the bigger picture which is that everything we do boils down to adding as much value as possible to our exhibitors. So, my role is really, “how do I make everyone happy?”

What’s your favourite thing about your job?

Like I said before, it’s about problem-solving. I think one of the things I really like about my role is how it forces me to really listen to the needs of buyers. I guess, as well, I like being on the outside, looking in; I like facilitating business in the industry and I get to watch how it changes, see the new trends come and go and that is quite interesting for me.

Can you share some of the plans for Pure’s Key Buyer Programme?

In terms of the plans that we have now, the matchmaking app is something that I’m really excited about. We all know how technology makes business more effective and efficient, especially in a show environment.

Speed networking sessions are an exciting potential development as well. I don’t think anything has catalysed meetings as well as speed networking sessions have. And, what we have heard as well at shows where this has already been rolled out is that buyers say that they meet with exhibitors they ordinarily might pass by, or don’t plan on seeing, so that’s useful too.

Why do you think Pure London is such an important trade show for fashion buyers to attend?

We’re definitely ahead of the curve. And, we listen and adapt to make sure we’re always in that leading position. So, the key buyer programme, for example; I think as a buyer, having a dedicated team that is ready to listen to your exact buying needs and what it is you are looking for, who understand how that fits into the overall picture of the market and can recommend brands and exhibitors accordingly is a big plus.  I think we always have an inspirational line-up so if you’re a buyer and you’re looking to be inspired by different things this is the place to be. And lastly, there’s the fact that at Pure, you have everything you need in one place, so if you’re thinking fashion and you want to get the industry big picture we have the entire supply chain represented.

How would you describe your own style?

I’m quite quirky – I think… To be honest, I have no rules. I don’t mind standing out because it’s what I like! I think it’s one of those things where my brain likes design. So, when I’m out shopping, the things I’m drawn to are things that look nice together – I’m trying to be modest here!

If you could sum up Pure London and Pure Origin in three words, what would they be?

So, the first one is bold – I think that comes with our approach to being out there and at the forefront of the industry. There’s personal – I think in today’s world of technology where you can just be so detached, that’s definitely a big deal. There’s breathtaking and then the last one, was relevant, but I hope that the three previous words kind of encapsulate that one.

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This post was created by Pure London editor Emma Wilder

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