05 Jul 2022

Pure london showcases regione siciliana fashion designers

Pure London, the UK’s leading trade fashion buying event which takes over Olympia London from the 17th – 19th July 2022, has announced the participation of Regione Siciliana with a showcase of Sicilian fashion designers, artisans, and brands showing in the UK for the first time including Marinella Stornello - Barocco Oro, Danié, Fiori D'Arancio, Curtis, Scocca, Ferdinando Patermo, Factory Melilli, Marianna Vigneri, Syrtaria, Ayoune, Pikla, and Federico Price.

Robert Sapwell, European Development Director, UK Division, Hyve Group plc adds: “We are delighted to announce that Regione Siciliana is joining the Pure London international line-up. Renowned for its international scope, Pure London looks set to return after a two-year Covid break with an even stronger international presence. It is very encouraging to see how much international business has opened this year and as we continue in our commitment to deliver diverse and exciting new international brands for our audience, Regione Siciliana joins a host of global businesses with a real appetite to enter the UK market.”

Many young Sicilian fashion designers are rediscovering the value of craftsmanship and will use Pure London as a springboard to showcase their creations. Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean, is famous for its great artistic, cultural and landscape heritage. Throughout history the island has undergone influences from various populations that have marked its identity. Sicilian traditions have had a strong influence in the field of fashion, inspiring the most famous world fashion designers.

Mimmo Turano, councillor for productive activities of the Sicilian Region says; “We are very happy to be able to give the opportunity to many Sicilian fashion designers to participate with their creations at the British fashion show Pure London. A Sicilian presence which will be enhanced with the artistic images created by the photographer Giulia Parlato which portray the 'Giovinetto di Mozia', an artwork that, thanks to Antonino Salinas Archaeological Museum in Palermo, will accompany the Sicilian collective.”

Alessandro Biasiotti, Invernizzi Group, adds; “Working with Sicilian Region is a privilege. The quality, the heritage, the range of all products displayed represent the state of the art of the Italian style, with a special Sicilian taste.”

The Designers

Created in the narrow streets and alleys of Palermo’s old neighbourhoods in 2014, Federico Price combines craftsmanship and cultural references to reinvent exotic fabrics and leather from around the world. With music-like composition, African tribal moods, hints of old Russia military, exuberant notes of Uzbekistan, and a swish of Japanese kimonos silk create a melting pot where sustainability and repurposing material and fabrics are a priority.

Marinella Stornello, BaroccOro Jewels & Fashion is a small family-run company from Ragusa (in the south-east of Sicily), where a laboratory of artistic creations combines the beauty of hand-painted ceramics with Etna lava and semi-precious stones, expertly created into a range of jewellery by the skilled hands of the designer Marinella Stornello. The collection also now includes high quality 100% Made in Italy scarves, dresses and kaftans inspired by Marinella’s watercolour paintings.

Danié, Made in Sicily, was established in 2018, arising from Daniela Napolitano’s passion for craftsmanship. The daughter of goldsmiths, Daniela has always been fascinated by the art and beauty of creations made “by hand”. Born in Ragusa, Daniela completed her studies in Florence to become a goldsmith and precious stone setter. Today, she is the creator of her own collection of bags - in the traditional “coffa” style - and fashion accessories with Sicilian inspiration. Made entirely by hand, the Danié Made in Sicily coffa bags are created using “curina” - the most tender part of the Sicilian dwarf palm. In the past, this was used by farmers for baskets or containers to transport animal fodder or agricultural tools. Today, it acquires a new life and a new guise. A merging of tradition and innovation, the coffa is reinvented and embellished with lace, trimmings, raffia, small mirrors, tassels, and castanets. Daniela’s collection presents the styling of the splendid ceramics from the city of Caltagirone in an innovative and personal way. Amid bright colours and soft shapes, Danié Made in Sicily aspires to celebrate all that is “Sicilian”.

Fiori d’Arancio was born in the Sicilian hinterland with the aim of preserving the ancient traditional craft of Chiacchierino (tatting) that has been handed down from generation to generation, as well as the feelings, the diatribes, and the emotions which revolve around the tatting lace. Fiori d’Arancio’s craftspeople dedicate hours refining the technique to create a collection of jewellery designs inspired by the colours and scents of Sicilian history. Each piece has its own unmistakeable identity and transforms the traditional craft into wearable art.

Scocca Papillon was founded in 2012 when Carmelo Nicotra was inspired by the colours of his homeland. “Scocca” in the Sicilian dialect means “bow” and Carmelo aims to reinvent the bow tie as stylish neckwear used as a tool for self-expression. Carmelo creates hand-made bow ties combining retro patterns and contemporary designs with a traditional fabric found in Favara, Sicily.

Factory Melilli offers a collection of clothing, bags, kaftans and tapestries that is deeply rooted in high level handcrafting techniques and combines the designer’s love for Sicily and art. Created to be appreciated as pieces of art à porter, the collection uses rescued and repurposed textiles such as silk, cotton, linen, cashmere, brocade and jacquard, processed and hand-dyed using natural dyes. The richness of Baroque style and elements of Arte Povera (“Poor Art”) inspires Factory Melilli, bringing back to life ancient traditions from the past and using recycled materials creatively and artistically.

Marianna Vigneri brings her INTARSI collection to Pure London. Inspired by patterns of the 1970s, made with organic cottons and recycled polyester from sportswear, the collection is designed to be interpreted in casual or elegant and sophisticated versions. The designs are carefully created to dress different female shapes without constrictions. Jerseys, trousers, jumpsuits, and dresses acquire personality together with the person wearing them.

Syrtaria, l’Arte del Cucito© creates sartorial and handcrafted clothing and coordinated accessories using only Made in Italy fabrics with exclusive Made in Sicily design. The colours, perfumes and folklore that characterises Sicilian customs and traditions are a source of inspiration for the timeless, handcrafted, tailor-made, and sustainable creations.

Ayoune is a brand borne during a trip in Southeast Asia. It means 'my eyes' in Arabic (عيوني). The design, the colours and the style represent the designer’s personal definition of beauty. A beauty that has the feminine soft touch, happy summer light colours, and a personalised style.

Maison Patermo has a 40-year heritage, born in Agrigento in the heart of the Valley of Temples. Created by Ferdinando who trained in Germany and returned to Agrigento to create a small atelier which revolutionised the traditional fashion style in the city. Ferdinando’s daughter Valentina continues the brands artisanal and crafted heritage, creating collections using the highest quality fabrics such as cashmere, wool and pure silk, and nappa leathers and suede, in an infinite range of colours, printed with crocodile, snake, spotted, micro-perforated, laminated glossy, and silk-screen printed with geometric prints. Shearling pieces are soft and enveloping, warm and comfortable.

CURTIS was born from a passion for craftsmanship, art and technique instilled in designer Debra Andrea Landriani by her parents. The family business includes Debra’s brother Robert, who is dedicated to the design and paper models, and her uncles Daniela, Tiziana, and Fabio, who together with-trusted and loyal collaborators meticulously look after production of the collection of high quality, unique and personalised leather bags for women and men.

Creativity, style, innovation, and research with a solid artisan tradition at the base, are the strengths that characterise the Pikla brand. Pikla designs are of a high-quality standard, obtained through careful research of materials. The company has its own production network with state-of-the-art equipment and machines, with which the articles are reproduced after careful aesthetic research. All Pikla products are handmade in Italy, by master craftsmen. Each item is synonymous with uniqueness and peculiarity of handwork. 


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