20 Dec 2022

Top 5 Jewellery Trends for 2023


By Diana Patterson, Freelance Writer

Fashion trends and jewellery keep upgrading with every passing season. Enthusiast designers are constantly experimenting with traditional and modern trends to keep up with consumer demand for newness. It's very easy to buy a trending piece of jewellery online, and many couples look into e-commerce to purchase their engagement and wedding rings. Check out the top 5 engagement ring styles that will trend in 2023!


    1. Silver

For the last few years, silver jewellery sales have gained momentum. Rare designs and out-of-the-box creations are the first choices of consumers. Classic vintage or an antique ring is also highly regarded, as a unique option and statement. Taking into account this growth in sales of silver jewellery, it's predicted that it will continue in 2023.


    2. Rings with a twist

Although modern designs are appreciated, couples like to invest in something long-lasting. Thus, diamonds are always preferred for engagement and wedding rings. To keep the old traditions alive, twisted rings are introduced this year. Customers love these, from eternity rings, bold gold twisted rings and rose gold rings. It's good to add dual-tone twisted engagement bands to your range, as these are much more affordable options for those with a limited budget.


    3. It’s a pearl world

Some people love to keep it simple and elegant. For them, pearls are the most esteemed jewellery option, perfect for a more sophisticated dress-up. In recent years, pearls have been seen in a lot of unusual combinations. Contemporary designers have kept the pearl trend alive by mixing and matching pearls with the most unpredictable gemstones. These styles are ranking the hotspot on the trends list.


    4. Beads 

If your customers lead a more unconventional lifestyle, they tend to select fashion statement pieces. Classic gold, diamond, and silver rings won’t work for them. They need a much more artistic style. Beads and bits jewellery is a good option for such couples. To break the stereotype, beaded rings are quite a bold option and it can also incorporate conventional jewellery metals such as gold and platinum. These artistic rings are surely making their way through the trends list for the year 2023.


    5. Boho-chic

Social media has given quite a lot of visibility to bohemian people, who have given origin to the Boho-chic style, much written about in fashion magazines. If this is your target customer, you'll be pleased to know this style is going to be trendy in 2023. This jewellery is becoming more and more mainstream, romantic boho-chic rings with rare gemstones are certainly going to boost sales in the coming year.



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