29 Jan 2018

What is Coloro?

What is Coloro?

Coloro is a revolutionary system that is changing the way creatives, suppliers and manufacturers work with color. It is an intuitive, accurate approach to defining and communicating color.

Coloro products are simple to use, plus practical and beautiful to work with. As well as physical products showcasing 3.5k colors, we have an innovative free digital tool where you can navigate the extensive library of colors, explore the 3D world of color and create and save palettes; a veritable playground for creatives.

Coloro - The Color Code from WGSN Official on Vimeo.


Simple and easy to use: the logic behind the system is based on how the human eye perceives color - by Hue, Lightness and Chroma, and can define up to 1.6M colors.

More colors to choose from: the physical products showcase 3.5k colors, more than any other color product.

Ensures color communication is logical and comprehensive: using Coloro means that creative, supplier and manufacturer can be confident that the color they envision is the color that they get.

Color analysis like never before: the system has analytical capabilities to help you assess your selection and understand your brand’s color profile.


Cost effective and time saving, Coloro gives you the confidence to work with color and ensures a smooth and comprehensive line of communication down the supply chain with the assurance your color selection is accurate.

Hear Coloro color experts speak about how to win with color daily on the Origin stage.

Winning with Color, Ann-Kristin Kassler, Head of Colour and Joanne Thomas, Colour Consultant, Coloro Daily at 14.10-14.40 on the Pure Origin Stage

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For more information visit Coloro.com or to set up a meeting to see the system.

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