15 Jun 2022

Kamena SS collections coming on June 2022.

Kamena sc Hall: Hall 1 Stand: PJ4

Treasures of Baltic Sea collection

Amber, Jantar, and the gold of the north are all used to describe the wonderfull fossilized resin that the Baltic Sea is gifting us.

Amber has a long time tradition in Polish jewellery artwork. For centuries Gdańsk was the main centre of the European amber industry. Amber is often treated as a talisman because it promotes good luck and has many health properties.

Baltic Treasures mini collection is the continuation of our attempts to disenchant jewellery with this precious material. For ages amber was framed very decoratively but in our opinion, it looks the most beautiful in minimalist forms. Take a look at our new pieces and enjoy their sunny beauty!

Etru collection

Walking through the streets of the Eternal City, one of us - Asia, came across a stunning jewellery exhibition in the National Etruscan Museum. The collection once belonged to the famous Roman family of jewellers - Castellani. Its members spent years collecting little works of art crafted by the ancient Etruscan people.

Also creating their realizations, Castellani's found vast inspiration in this particular jewellery. Sometimes they even used damaged pieces from ancient collections for their creations. Why this admiration, you may ask?

The Etruscan civilization, inhabiting the territory of northern Italy, was highly developed - both in culture and craftsmanship. Etruscan women passionately wore and collected jewellery artworks.

While designing our new collection, we tried to refer to these fabulous ancient artefacts, especially with decorativeness and larger-than-usual forms.

As always, we decorated our pieces with natural stones sourced locally. We combined the round shapes of precious metals with beautiful transparent mountain crystals, which we obtained in Lower Silesia.


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