O renascer das cinzas


Maria.bodyline is a love letter for myself, for you and for all women looking for the best in you. It came from a distant “world”, where there is beauty, justice and respect. I am inspired by what I see about the just and capable women around me, whether they are family, friends or acquaintances. She says the TRUTH ABOUT ALL WOMEN. That's what she stands for, the truth! With Maria.bodyline, a pure, genuine, confident and sensual woman is born. Bold and determined and with a mind free of prejudice finds its true self. Fun, funny, festival, she has a pure heart and doesn't worry about being perfect. He wants to be happy. I'm not afraid to be different. I don't let them tell me that I'm not capable. I write my story. I have and you have the power to make everything happen. You control your life, your body and your soul. Preserve what is most beautiful in you and enjoy being unique. Dream and believe. I dreamed, I didn't give up and I believed it was possible ... and here I am ready to shine.

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