18 Jan 2024

The most anticipated ethical bags: Anna Peter-Breton for Mama Tierra by Marie de la Roche

Mama Tierra Hall: Grand Gallery Stand: J45
The most anticipated ethical bags: Anna Peter-Breton for Mama Tierra by Marie de la Roche
The Madre & NiƱo family / Photo credit: OSHOOT studio
The most anticipated collaboration of this winter: the ethical bags by Anna Peter-Breton in partnership with Mama Tierra association and designer Marie de la Roche.

It all started about a year ago when Franco-Hungarian artist Anna Peter-Breton, Mama Tierra’s cofounder Lourdes Grollimund, and the Colombian designer Marie de la Roche met for the first time. The three women, committed to supporting future mothers and their newborns through the Newborn project in one of the driest regions of South America - where deaths of children under five have dramatically increased through the years - have united their forces in favor of this very ethical and responsible project. 


The bags, named Madre and Niño, are made by designer Marie de la Roche, using cow leather from certified tanneries dedicated to promoting rational use of materials by using the entire hide so that nothing is wasted. By implementing a water-based finish and striving to reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible, the bags are the product of a traditional and sustainable craftsmanship.


Available in two sizes, representing the tender bond between mother and child, the bags are meticulously developed and perfected by the Colombian designer, embodying her commitment to social responsibility.


Anna, in her turn, was able to translate the spirit of La Guajira into five breathtaking watercolors. The artisans of Mama Tierra, with their hands guided by a deep connection to the culture and beauty of La Guajira, have transformed the essence of Anna's watercolors into unique tapestry pieces.


The Madre size is available in three designs: Flamingo, Guajira and Jungle, and the Niño size in four designs, Flamingo, Guajira, Huellas and Jaguar, all in seven colors: light gray, dark gray, fir green, red, black, brown and lilac.


Mother: 26 cm x 13 cm x 8 cm

Niño: 13 cm x 18 cm x 8 cm

Both models contain an adjustable strap: 2 cm wide and 93 cm – 112 cm long


Mother – €790 

Niño – €660


- https://mama-tierra.org

- From summer 2024: at the Hôtel du Cap-Éden-Roc and Loulou Ramatuelle, in France.

About Anna Peter-Breton

Paris-based artist Anna Peter-Breton began painting watercolors of her travel scenes around the world. In 2021, she launched a series of books entitled "Voyage Amoureux", representing her memories of places and people through her watercolors, and Pascal Breton, her husband, wrote about these moments lived together in poems and aphorisms. Her books are available at Galignani, Le Bon Marché, L’Écume des Pages and Artazart bookstores in Paris. Anna has exhibited in Paris at the Sarto Gallery, at the United Nations headquarters in Vienna, at the French Institute in Naples and in Budapest at the Abigail gallery. She has also carried out multiple collaborations, notably with the brand Kilomètre Paris for an embroidered shirt design, as well as with the jewelry brand Graazie, by creating their packaging and creating a series of lucky charms illustrations on the theme of springtime. Anna has recently produced more abstract series, depicting the delicate textures and colors of flora in a monochrome style.www.annapeterbreton.com

About Mama Tierra

Mama Tierra has been supporting indigenous people since 2015. Human rights activists founded the association to drive social change and gender equality for indigenous women in Colombia and Venezuela, while protecting Mother Earth. A special emphasis on women is placed because they earn the family's living, raise the children and pass on indigenous heritage. Mama Tierra opens new trade routes for the artisans and looks for establishing collaborations with likeminded artists and designers. Mama Tierra showcases the Wayuu fine artisan craftmanship to the world. https://mama-tierra.org/

About Marie de la Roche

Marie De La Roche is a leather goods brand founded in 2015 by the namesake Colombian designer. Inspired by her Latin American roots, the love of color and elegant and innovative shapes, the designer creates accessories handcrafted by artisans in Portugal in carefully selected Italian materials. Her objective is to elevate and support the transmitted know-how and heritage techniques of a third-generation family factory through her innovative designs. 


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