04 May 2024

About the Bants?

4 The Bants Hall: Grand Ground Stand: E92
About the Bants?
James Graham Founder and Owner of 4 The Bants Clothing
Where did 4 The Bants come from?

In the long history of fashion, the origin of our brand commences with the dawning of summer in 2020, a season masked in the shadow of a global lockdown prompted by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. These were times when the collective spirit of a nation lay subdued, crushed beneath the weight of the formidable circumstances thrust upon us.

Yet, amidst, the sombre atmosphere, an extraordinary display unfolded, a display characterised by the resolute and unyielding determination exhibited by countless individuals. It was a period where the animated notes of lighthearted humour and unassailable spirit served as lifebuoy, preserving the collective sanity of the populace.

This spectacle spirited a profound question: how might we encapsulate this uniquely British phenomenon within a solitary message? It was during this contemplation that a serendipitous moment transpired, a founding member, entering the room, exuding jubilation and euphoria, and armed with an anecdote that would soon become legendary.

As the punchline landed, a chorus of laughter echo through the room, akin to a symphony of pure delight. Naturally, curiosity prevailed, prompting the enquiry as to why the central character in this comedic narrative chose the path they did. Our colleagues response was elegant yet profoundly resonant: “they did it for the Bants!” this phrase, signifying actions undertaken outside the boundaries of convention for the sheer amusement of those present, struck resident cord.

It eloquently encapsulated the quintessentially British resolve, an enduring commitment to finding humour and joy admidst adversity...........

.......So join me and lets all do it  4 THE BANTS!


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