05 Jul 2022

In Bloom | Press Release

IN BLOOM Hall: Hall 1 Stand: H69

inBLOOM is the quintessential loungewear and sleepwear firm in Peru, led by two generations of women. Founded in 2008 by Maite Belaunde, today the brand is evolving and positioning itself internationally thanks to a new vision of her daughter, Inés Ortiz de Zevallos.

In 2016, the brand was recognized with the WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certification. As development agents, they focus their efforts on having a positive impact on each member of their community, benefiting not only their collaborators but also local workshops that work ethically and humanely.

Today inBLOOM is a brand that combines the vision and experiences of the mother and daughter duo made up of Maite Belaunde and Inés Ortiz de Zevallos, through pieces made with the best peruvian natural fibres such as Pima Cotton and semi-natural fibres such as Modal Lenzing from forests with FSC certification, and that also ensures the conscious use of water and energy during the process.

“An essential part of our philosophy, it focuses on the raw material, the softness of the fabrics, the fine materials, the luxury finishes; to offer a unique 360° quality experience”, says Inés Ortiz de Zevallos.

The beginnings

Necessity is the mother of all creations, and inBLOOM is no exception. Its founder and creative director, Maite Belaunde, began designing her own pajamas at the end of the 90s, since she could not find comfortable, elegant and quality pieces on the peruvian market. With this formula in mind, Maite began her journey creating her own pieces for herself and her daughters, which little by little caught the attention of those around her, until inBLOOM was born in 2008.

"I have always been passionate about quality and design, I think that is reflected in all our pieces, that's why I started designing the pajamas that I wanted my daughters to wear and that I wanted to wear myself," says Maite. "Today inBLOOM has become an intergenerational firm that embodies the essence of our family and our desire for high-quality local production," added Inés Ortiz de Zevallos, daughter of Maite and commercial director of the firm.

Responsibility is in the DNA

As part of its brand philosophy, inBLOOM focuses on creating high-quality, timeless designs that are produced locally and ethically. “We believe in the importance of personally and professionally educating and promoting our entire team and the surrounding community. We consider ourselves agents of change promoting sustainable social and environmental development”, says its founder Maite Belaunde.

inBLOOM productions depend on demand: smaller quantities and quick reaction capacity. This ensures they manage low inventories and minimize waste.

Beyond its borders

This year, the firm presented "Monogram" its new 100% online automated pajama's personalization service, becoming the first Peruvian brand in its category to offer this service nationally and internationally. Today the brand has presence in Chile, Uruguay, Panama, Mexico, Colombia and Central America, and plans to expand its seal of elegance and comfort made in Peru to Europe.

“We have been in the Peruvian market since 2008; with presence in different points of sale and through our direct channels. We believe that this is the right time to start an expansion and take our quality beyond our borders”, says Inés Ortiz de Zevallos, Director of Strategy and Growth.

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