Brodie Cashmere Hall: Hall 1 Stand: D40
Luxury. Conscious. Cashmere
About Brodie Cashmere

Empowered by the women in her family, Brodie founder, Anne Marie launched the twelve years ago to continue to grow her family’s already thriving private wool business in Leeds. With an already very strong success in selling great quality cashmere at a private level, Anne Marie had all the expertise to back up the goal of becoming a globally renowned brand while keeping the same small town core values at heart, maintaining a grounded yet charming spark.

With a capsule range of sixteen styles in eight colours the cashmere collection was first presented at Pure in London in 2010. Success was instant­, and with continued growth and development of their bright statement knitwear, Brodie expanded into the U.S. in 2020. Drawing on this momentum Anne Marie was inspired to make a stamp within the luxury cashmere industry by adding an essence of unique, individual, and bold statement styles to the range. In doing so, Brodie successfully made their mark by telling the customer exactly who they were. Bright bold tracksuits and hoodies followed, plus cool camo knits, intricate designs, and metallic foil details. Now stocked across North America from Aspen to LA, Miami to Nantucket as well as Anthropologie and Bloomingdales, one thing is for certain, Brodie Cashmere’s luxury bright pieces are here to stay.

“Twelve years on and we are stocked across the UK & U.S. in independent small-town boutiques which have boomed, with customers shopping locally during the pandemic. Everyone loves our joyful designs and the robust quality of our sustainable cashmere yarn.” Anne Marie Holdsworth, Brodie Cashmere founder.

With conscious design at its heart, Brodie ensures a considered approach from grazing to garment and chooses to champion sustainability by partnering with the Sustainable Fibre Alliance. As a member of the SFA, they guarantee the ethical production of their cashmere, ensuring it is sustainably sourced and traceable from the origin. By certifying planet-positive practices such as minimal overgrazing to reduce their carbon footprint, the safeguarding of their herders and their families’ livelihoods, and most importantly the safety and conscious care of their animals; Brodie is leading the way in ethical cashmere production.

All of Brodies’ cashmere is sourced from the nomadic hills of Mongolia where the goats are carefully combed to collect only the finest fibers. By sourcing high-quality pure long cashmere fibers at 42mm, all their pieces are machine washable at 30 degrees, which reduces pilling and misshaping and increases the longevity of your cashmere pieces. Plus, all of their dyes are custom-made in Europe which are ISO accredited, have longer-lasting performance, and are kind to your skin.

Born and inspired by centuries of Yorkshire textile expertise and heritage, Brodie is a modern luxury cashmere brand, pioneering sustainable and ethical practices to deliver only the finest cashmere to the world.

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