L'EICNÉCRA is thrilled to present their primary virtual showroom

L'EICNÉCRA is thrilled to present their primary virtual showroom

L'EICNÉCRA in collaboration with Pure London is thrilled to launch their primary virtual showroom where timelessness and exquisiteness meet in the A/W 21 collection.

MONAD collection highlights the natural beauty with the free shapes of the clothing and ensures a luxury where the piece could be shaped by the body’s ease. MONAD’s design emits loose flowing, softness, warmth, practicality and harmony with vision for awareness towards the environment and society. Natural colors in a muted palette with refined quality fabrics are being used when making the clothes. Exquisitely formed clothing is integrated in the contemporary city life with the idea of bringing coherence and free spirit. The clothing is timeless. 

The inseparable entirety of the consciousness, energy, and matter. This is the Divine spark in a person, while he is residing in the material world. Monada simultaneously travels through the Absolute, resides statically, and is the constructive core fraction in the Creation. This is the age-long sensation for your essence. The garment is an outward symbol of spiritual strength, the visible shape of the essence. The recreated nomad sensation reminds the unity of the inward and outward as well as the free spirit itself.

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