New Drop on Londons Fashion Scene

Buzz & Luna Hall: Grand Ground Stand: E33
New Drop on Londons Fashion Scene
Buzz & Luna showcases collection at PURE London / JATC
A Story of Versatile Design and Sustainable Luxury

        Buzz & Luna is excited to embark on a captivating new chapter, landing in the heart of London's vibrant fashion scene. After a decade of enchanting clientele with a unique blend of fine art, theatrical flair, and eco-conscious design, Buzz & Luna is poised to captivate the hearts of London's boutique buyers.

Step into a world of dazzling collections bursting with vibrant colors, striking silhouettes, and fabrics rich with color and textures,

Buzz & Luna is a celebration of individuality.  You are invited to express your own captivating adventure through artfully crafted garments. Join Buzz & Luna on this exciting journey as they showcase their vision of sustainable luxury to the shores of London.


Don't miss your chance to discover Buzz & Luna at PURE London x JATC in February 2024.

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