03 Jan 2023

Press release

Bulaggi Hall: Grand Ground Stand: B76
press release AW23-24

The BULAGGI autumn/winter 2023-2024 collection has three distinct moods. Gruesome events taking place in the world have given rise to an urge to go back to the beginning of time. Beauty is more important than ever before. Creativity is bound to flourish whenever there is unrest, and that is exactly what we see happening. 'Joy is an act of resistance'. Individuality – in the sense of freedom – is a key value, as is the awareness that we all need community; together we are better.

The winter of 2023 promises a paradoxical language of shapes that can be described as primitive luxury, feminist elegance or invincible vulnerability. HIGHLANDER, FREESTYLE SPIRIT & OPULENT are the moods which recur in different materials and forms throughout the winter collection.

Urbanity and nature characterise HIGHLANDER, a trend not composed of contradictions, but rather giving shape to the mutual dependence and silhouettes of modern city-dwellers with a pronounced longing for nature and movement. The feeling of being connected – of involvement – promotes a soothing serenity. We also see inspiration from archaeology and a distant past; raw and yet polished.
The shapes of the bags are more casual and feature natural colours. The Silva and Isobel ranges are both examples of this.

FREESTYLE SPIRIT is all about re-devising conventions and clichés; about the irreversible transition in which women take on a more equal role. The styling is rather minimalistic, and colour and the use of materials are key; feminine, but sometimes with a raw edge.
The strong, clear colours of precious stones are a guarantee of inspiration. The Saffia, Gloria and Alexa ranges are good examples of this mood.

OPULENT can be recognised by its multi-facetted chaos. In response to turbulent times, there is a heartfelt need to celebrate even the smallest signs of beauty, joy and unexpected luxury. Historic elements are the starting point for this, merged with futuristic aspects. The ranges Charlotte and Julie exemplify this.

BULAGGI is a progressive brand, and with each fresh collection we remain strongly aware of the constantly growing pressure on the environment. This has led to an increasing use of more environmentally-friendly materials, and this explains why our collection of environmentally-friendly bags grows larger every season, and why we are still proud to display the PETA-approved vegan logo. Bulaggi understands what women want, and offers a range of affordable, on-trend, high-quality vegan bags with special extras for all occasions: 'DESIRE WITHIN REACH'.

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