26 Jun 2024

Reflection: Where Poetry Meets Versatility in Jewellery

Reflection Hall: JATC Ground Stand: C99
Reflection: Where Poetry Meets Versatility in Jewellery
Showcasing the whole collections & unveiling new products in PUREXJATC
Continuing the positive feedback from last year's London Design Festival, Reflection‘ll showcase its entire collection & unveil new products at PURE JATC in July.

Continuing the positive feedback from last year's London Design Festival, Reflection will showcase its entire collection and unveil new products at PURE JATC in July, the UK's largest buying event for fashion industries from the 14th to the 16th. This presents a great opportunity for buyers, select shop and boutique owners to view the products in person, including the latest designs.

New collection

The Echo in Time

“Architecture is the will of an epoch translated into space.”

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

"The Echo in Time “ collection is inspired by the sculpture - Continuity by Max Bill, a representative architect/industrial designer of Bauhaus. The series conveys abstract space through minimal, genderless and sculptural jewellery forms, with architectural elements such as spiral staircases, Greek Doric Columns, and city skylines.

This collection also celebrates multifunctional wearability. The various products can be worn in different ways, aiming to bring viewers to explore the different possibilities of the jewellery.

The veil of memories

The veil of memories is a capsule new collection launched for the brand's 2 years anniversary, integrating previous series concepts: flowing water, moon, petals, and elements of time. It extends design from iconic styles of the past and introduces two-year anniversary commemorative scarves designed to be style with rings as scarf cuffs, inviting viewers to explore different fashion possibilities with jewellery.


About Reflection

Reflection is an independent designer jewellery brand focusing on unconventional silver jewellery that blends poetic concepts with multifunctional versatility. It redefine jewellery as miniature sculptures, incorporating playful, distinctive details.

Featured in British Vogue, Vogue Taiwan, TatlerTaiwan, Japanese Nylon, Cancam, Gianna Another, and other prominent fashion magazines and media, Reflection operates primarily online with additional purchasing options available through select stores across Asia and Europe. Due to its popularity among Japanese stylists and artists, Reflection has been worn by a lot of Japanese arctress/singers and models.

Reflection combines minimalist organic flowing lines with pearls and sustainably recycled silver materials in its designs, offering avant-garde and elegant perspectives. Functionally, the brand's entire collection embraces versatility, such as using rings as scarf cuffs and combining rings and bracelets as ear cuff chains. We invite viewers to explore the limitless styling possibilities of jewellery.


Material: recycled sterling silver Brand values: season-less, timeless, effortless

Timeless wearable art - #sparkle_your_reflection


Past Collections Overview

A Song of the River

This collection celebrates the beautiful and transient moment of the moving water. The products are inspired by different states and forms of water in the river: the dew, the ripple and the waves.

We use silver and pearl to depict the ripples, dews and the scene when the light is dancing on the water, celebrating the beautiful and transient

moment that inspired by the Japanese Wabi-Sabi aesthetic value.

Moonlight Odyssey

Inspired by the fascination with the galaxy in science fiction, films, and the ancient Greek epic poems - Odyssey by Homer,

Moonlight Odyssey is about exploring the unknown and the dream with faith. Designer Airy seamlessly integrates 3D printing and sterling silver, transforming celestial bodies into wearable art adorned with freshwater pearls.

The Blooming Moment

This Collection celebrates the transient beauty of flowers in different stages of life. We use Keshi pearls(ケシ)to depict the budding, blossoming,

and the states when the petals drift down with the wind.


Designer Profile

After graduating from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London, the designer/founder -Airy worked as a designer for fashion and jewellery brands in the UK and Taiwan for almost seven years. Later, she started her own brand - Reflection and then relocated herself and the brand back to Taiwan.

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IG: @reflection.co_official

WEBSITE: www.reflection-uk.com

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