Edwina Mullins

Edwina Mullins

Head Of Digital Experience, Social B

Edwina Mullins – Head Of Digital Experience

Working within multiple different companies as their head of digital marketing, and there as a mentor for her colleagues, Edwina has freelanced with SocialB for 8 years helping train B2B and B2C clients of multiple sizes. Recently she has become the Head of Digital permanently for SocialB and is there to help our digital marketing team training. From tech companies to agencies, Edwina has worked across a vast board of companies and has licensing in Behavioural Economics as well as Google analytics and has been a tutor for the Guardian Masterclasses helping SMEs for over 7 years. All this experience allows Edwina to help both ends of the spectrum within training on those who know a lot to those who are complete novices.

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