Rachel Kan

Rachel Kan

Founder, Circular Earth

Rachel is the Founder of sustainable fashion consultancy Circular Earth and Ecosystem Architect at The Ecosystem Incubator.

Rachel has been working in the fashion Industry for over 2 decades in design and design /project management. Very much a hands on practitioner working with supply chain, and designing brands from identity, through to development, supply, landing and into promotion. She has worked on multi product with a specialist knowledge in kidswear and womenswear. Rachel is used to working with a team of designers, technicians, and marketing personnel.

Rachel moved into sustainability in 2017 where she developed in action with brands and small businesses, and I then finally focused on her consultancy Circular Earth. At Circular Earth we help brands to create parallel sustainable brands or start up with sustainability at the heart – let us be your mission control. Rachel also lectures on sustainability and ethics in business at university level.

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