Debbie Luffman

Debbie Luffman

Product Director, Finisterre
United Kingdom
Deborah Luffman leads the product department at Finisterre, a British Cold Water Surf brand, focused on creating the best and most sustainable product for those that share the brand’s love of the sea. Deborah has worked at Finisterre for 10 years. As Product Director she heads up the Finisterre product department, leading the design and development of men's and women's apparel and accessories, as well as textile development, sourcing and buying of all product ranges. Deborah’s passion is in understanding and seeking solutions to the environmental impact of textiles from design along the supply chain through to consumer. The Finisterre range covers technical outerwear and surfwear made from regerated nylon and polyester, as well as organic cotton jerseywear, denim and shirting. Wool is a key Finisterre fibre, as well as knitted wool jumpers and accessories, wool is used in innovative ways within the brand’s insulated outerwear, jeans, baselayers and underwear with wool content accounting for over a quarter of the product range.

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