Nika Diamond-Krendel

Nika Diamond-Krendel

Founder, Paradise Row
United Kingdom
Nika Diamond-Krendel, founder of East London based leather goods company Paradise Row, launched the brand in early 2017. Having spotted a gap in the market for high-quality bags at an accessible price point, and further fuelled by a desire to support the area’s declining leather goods industry, she set about creating a collection of her own, working with long-established leather workers in the area. Exclusively working with creatives - artists, photographers and graphic designers - from the up and coming neighbourhood in East London where she resides and works, Nika places an emphasis on design and collaboration with East London’s longstanding craftspeople. Working with skilled artisans who have been practicing locally for several decades; Nika values and supports these traditional professions. These core values of her ethos for Paradise Row naturally lend themselves to form an iconic brand recognisable by its look rather than its logo. Originally born in Cheshire, Nika moved in London in 2009 to do her Business Psychology Masters at Goldsmiths, a university well-known for its arts credentials and notable alumni such as Damien Hirst and Damon Albarn. Surrounded by the buzz of London and creativity of her peers, it is here her passion for design rose to the fore and first sparked the idea to create a brand that worked directly with local creatives and specialists throughout the entire supply chain; supporting the community. Upon completion of her masters, Nika took a role first as a consultant at Informa, then in-house at Santander. There she was repeatedly called upon to create and present workshops, and won Santander’s Mobile App Designer of the Year; a recognition of her artistic flair which gave Nika the confidence to take the leap and move into a more dynamic and creative career. For her first collection, Nika’s inspiration came from the area of London she loves and lives in; a range reflective of East London’s artisan heritage and its international reputation as a creative hub. The values of hard work and craftsmanship that London holds proud, Paradise Row harbours at its core. The second, highly anticipated, Empathy collection nods to Nika’s studies in Psychology and the importance of embracing all emotions - both the individual’s own and those of others. Nika hopes to spark conversation through her meaningful and iconic collections, each inspired by different aspects of society; culture, psychology, and the arts. With a focus on design, viewing each bag as an individual art piece, it’s no wonder the brand is building a loyal following of engaged customers. Nika has since gone on to launch a bespoke service, following strong interest from hotels, restaurants and galleries for unique pieces designed by Nika, in the brand’s signature natural leather.

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