Janine Jacobs

Janine Jacobs

Co-Founder, HappyHQ

Janine Jacobs is an advocate for people-first cultures, co-founder of culture consultancy, HappyHQ, and co-host of Culture Shock podcast.  

Regularly featured in the likes of Courier, Glamour, and Start-Ups Magazine, she’s on a mission to guide workplaces in creating more fulfilling experiences for employees everywhere.  

With director-level communications experience, Janine has worked with global brands such as LinkedIn, Hilton, and PepsiCo. Her career has spanned various countries and cultures, involving both agency and client-side roles. Driven by a passion for understanding people, she studied at The School of Positive Psychology in 2017, where she now applies the science of human flourishing to the benefit of individuals and companies.  

Together with her co-founder, Louisa, HappyHQ provides companies and HR professionals with workshops, tools, frameworks, and hands-on support needed to cultivate people-first environments.  

Janine is also a Girls’ Network mentor, helping teenagers from disadvantaged backgrounds see their futures in a more positive light, gain essential skills, and build confidence. 

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