Katherine O'Driscoll

Katherine O'Driscoll

SP & KO Limited

Kathy O’Driscoll set up SP & KO Limited in March 2023, an independent consultancy focused on supporting retailers, educators, and the fashion industry at large to deliver better ways of buying and sourcing to improve quality, profitability, agility, and proposition, reduce negative impacts on people and planet, and deliver on environmental, social, and legal commitments.

Kathy acted as a consultant to ASOS since 2014 to help the ESG Director, Simon, set up the “Fashion With Integrity” initiative and build the ESG team. She also worked on ASOS’s TRG (Truly Global Retail) programme and training programmes throughout the business.

She also consulted for the N Brown Group, setting their award winning five year Sustainability Strategy and  UKFT leading a project to design a  “Digital Sustainable Supply Chain Platform”. Collaborating with retailers such as H&M, NEXT, ASOS, N Brown and New Look alongside IBM and Leeds University this enabled transparency back to the fibre source using AI and blockchain technologies. She has also helped several start-up Brands, Charities and Universities in their sourcing and sustainability journeys’.

Kathy started her career in the 1980’s as a member of the team that started Next Directory. She worked her way up to Head of Buying via retailers such as Next, George at ASDA, Cotton Traders, JD Sports, and the Very Group before returning to Next in 2004 to start bringing Brands into Next Directory which has now evolved into Label and Total Platform.

Outside of work she continues design and sew reclaimed clothing, write and paint as well as enjoying the UK countryside.












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