Maddie Ashbrook

Maddie Ashbrook

Owner/Director, Moo and Boom

Maddie Ashbrook, a passionate advocate for sustainable living and ethical fashion. As the proud owner and director of MOOand BOOM and JB and BOOM, B-Corp Certified Stores located in the heart of Whitchurch, Shropshire, Maddie has dedicated her career to providing conscientious consumers with eco-friendly alternatives for a greener planet.

Maddie Ashbrook stands as a shining example of an entrepreneur using business as a force for good. Through MOOand BOOM and JB and BOOM, Maddie has not only transformed the retail landscape in Whitchurch but has also set a precedent for sustainable business practices. Her commitment to a greener planet continues to inspire individuals to make choices that positively impact the environment, one purchase at a time, not compromising on quality.

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