Owais Ghaffar

Owais Ghaffar

Founder , SAIWO

Owais Ghaffar is the founder of SAIWO, a fashion brand committed to providing high-quality clothing tailored specifically for Asian builds and average heights. Drawing from his personal experiences and a keen understanding of the unique challenges faced by those struggling with Western sizing standards, Owais embarked on a mission to bridge this gap in the fashion market.

Owais's journey began during his time living in Asia, where he discovered the ease of finding well-fitting clothes. This experience inspired him to create SAIWO, aiming to bring this same comfort and precision to those living in the UK. Under his leadership, SAIWO focuses on crafting each piece with premium materials, ensuring unparalleled comfort, durability, and style.

In addition to his passion for perfect fit, Owais is dedicated to responsible fashion. SAIWO is committed to minimizing material waste and reducing its carbon footprint through sustainable practices and eco-friendly designs. By integrating these values into the core of SAIWO, Owais aims to revolutionize the fashion industry with a focus on fit, feel, and sustainability.

Visit our website at www.saiwoclothing.com to learn more about SAIWO and explore our first collection. Join us in our mission to provide perfectly fitting, sustainable fashion for everyone.


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