Peter Fun

Peter Fun

Head of Partnerships, WAIR

With over 20 years of experience in the Technology industry, Peter is specialised as an Eco-system Partner Strategist for WAIR - Retail Geeks, a leading provider of AI forecasting solutions for fashion retailers. With a robust background in building and expanding direct and indirect business across various industries, Peter specializes in fashion, retail, and distribution.

His expertise lies in partner eco-system development, new business expansion, and customer relationship management, adding significant value to WAIR - Retail Geeks and its clientele. Peter dedicates his skills to assisting fashion retailers in optimizing inventory management, reducing waste, and enhancing profitability through AI forecasting solutions.

Peter extends his services as an independent consultant, providing valuable guidance and support to companies aiming to establish successful strategic partnerships, expand their international presence, and boost sales performance. Passionate about continual learning about AI (and its social and legal consequenses), connecting with people, and exploring diverse opportunities, Peter brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the fashion and retail sectors.

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