Stefan Mathys

Stefan Mathys

Co-Founder, VYN
Stefan Mathys is an innovative designer with a rich background in creating over 25 accessories collections for renowned brands such as Reiss, Harrys of London, and Kurt Geiger. Stefan is committed to designing meaningful and honest products that prioritize necessity and sustainability. With a core philosophy centered around the critical question, "Do we need it?", Stefan ensures that each product is crafted with careful consideration of materials and end-of-use scenarios. The journey begins with VYN, a brand dedicated to creating smarter, circular products designed for longevity, durability, repairability, and recyclability. Stefan advocates for a shift from the traditional "buy-use-dispose" model to a more sustainable "own-care-renew" approach, aiming to establish healthier relationships with the products we own. Through VYN, Stefan is pioneering a movement towards products that are not only stylish but also environmentally responsible, embodying a commitment to a more sustainable future in the fashion industry. 
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