Pure London x JATC is the only B2B fashion trade show in the UK offering live content and we are proud to provide insightful seminars discussing key topics in the industry.

Seminars hold significant importance at Pure London x JATC due to their capacity to enrich buyers, visitors and exhibitors with knowledge, insights, and trends shaping the industry.

These educational sessions provide a platform for industry experts, designers, and thought leaders to share their expertise, offering valuable perspectives on various aspects of the fashion world, including digital fashion, diversity, sustainability, and the future of fashion.

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  • The first combined Pure London x JATC show, the London festival of fashion, at Olympia London from the 11-13th February 2024, will host an array of new and established Australian brands set to have bi ...
  • In the dynamic landscape of retail, the evolution of self-checkout machines has been remarkable, originally designed for supermarkets but now making significant inroads into the fashion industry. The ...
  • Fashion buyers in the UK (and beyond) can look forward to a more exciting, efficient and inspirational trip to London for AW24 order writing in February as two of the most influential shows in the tra ...


Inside Fashion

  • Join our Event Director Gloria Sandrucci and Fashion Journalist, Eric Musgrave, during an insightful discussion on the current state of fashion, the future of the industry and opinions on fashion events.


  • “I really enjoyed the trend update, I found it insightful and relevant for true Gen Z or even the broader customer who wants to dip in and out of the trend. The styling and direction of the catwalk were great. It was fun, bright, and young and showcased brands relevant to ASOS. Navigating Pure London has been easy, with the separate destinations, it's been easy to find exciting brands and things I need.”
    Bimbola Akinloye from ASOS
  • “I picked up some good tips from the presentation this morning on strategies for thriving in a changing landscape. The catwalk was also great. It's nice to get some reassurance that we are doing the right thing in our store. Brilliant to see Onjenu and Elisa Cavelleti at the show, every brand is looking great.”
    Wendy Farlow from Appleby & Shaw in Shropshire

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