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BEPPI is present in 72 countries


BEPPI is commercialized in 72 countries, thanks to its wide range of casual footwear: shoes, boots, slippers, snow boots, rain boots and others, with collections for all ages and sizes, fact that allows the adjustment to the particularities of each market.


BEPPI’s biggest aim is to serve the whole family. Indeed, its products can be used in any situation from day to day in a relaxed attitude, cheerful and happy, which justifies its informal and casual posture always focus in quality and comfort.


To make a difference in relation to its competitors and to follow the objective of offering high quality products, the brand has a line of leather shoes, which stands out for its affordable price.


As BEPPI intends to serve all family, the trademark also developed a partnership with the international SNOOPY character. Therefore, not only moms can use our products, as well as their baby daughters.


At the same time, the brand drew two sporty lines, which are more suited for men: Outdoor Challenge and BEPPI Adventure. These two lines are more oriented for the development of mountain products.


BEPPI has a qualified young team in its several departments and it’s constantly innovating either on product’s development, marketing and promotion, besides that BEPPI has its own designers were its develop all products for BEPPI collection’s.






What makes Beppi different



BEPPI is happiness, informality, relaxation, quality,


cheerfulness, all this differentiating it from other, informality, relaxation, quality,


heedfulness, all this differentiating it from other brands.





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