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At Didriksons we have a simple philosophy: we don’t challenge the elements, we adapt to them. Just like Julius and Hanna Didrikson did in 1913 when they began producing workwear for the fishermen in Grundsund, on the edge of Sweden’s western coast. For over a hundred years we have been faithful to our basic principles. Making functional clothing that keeps you dry and comfortable regardless of the weather. 

Without love, where would Didriksons be today?
Julius Didrikson would never have met Hanna in 1910 – if he hadn’t placed an ad in a local newspaper under the name DIXZON.  And our brand probably would’ve been something else – or nothing.
Without love of innovation, the Didriksons brand would’ve been just any old brand among others. Sparks flew when the paths of two strong personalities crossed; their meeting generated energy that still lights the future.
We believe in the power of love and the power of innovation.
We flirted with the question: what if this hadn’t happened?  Then we imagined a scenario in which Hanna and Julius were alive today.  What would they have done? How would their love of innovation,  artisanship, and dedication reveal itself in 2020?
We wanted to honor the power of love and innovation – our corporate inheritance.

This is our interpretation of Hanna and Julius –107 years later. 
We hope you like Didriksons Originals 2020 - and value  innovation as much as we do.










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