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Rani & Co. is a brand for the undefined woman; a woman with a zest for life and fiery ambition who doesn’t follow the rules defined by society. The word ‘Rani’ (pronounced Rah-Nee) means ‘Queen’ in Hindi, and the 'Co.' part of our name means Rani's in the company of other Rani's. 

The founder of Rani & Co., Ramona, has always seen the potential in women but recognised that it is often suppressed by society’s stereotypes. Whilst writing her University dissertation on the glass-ceiling, she came across the concept of feminism and realised that she had been a feminist from a young age.

Reflecting on her own experiences of sexism, Ramona wanted to create something that would make a difference to the world, no matter how big or small . She decided to channel her passion for creativity and build a brand to encourage people to feel confident, to feel proud of their gender, to feel inspired and to educate them about feminism.

Rani & Co. wants to show feminism in a positive light, through elegant and chic slogan apparel accompanied by everyday wear jewellery.  With every clothing purchase, we donate 5% of the profits to the Baale Mane charity, a small charity in India which support and educates young girls.

Rani & Co. launched in 2017 and is now selling on 4 other online marketplaces, the clothing and jewellery has been worn by many influencers and Ramona was nominated as a finalist for 'Entrepreneur of The Year' for the 'Croydon Business Excellence Awards 2018'.

To all the Rani’s out there, we hope that you enjoy wearing our products and we encourage you to go beyond boundaries to achieve your dreams.


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  • White Feminist Leopard Slogan Jumper
    This sweatshirt is on-trend with animal print, whilst embracing the sassy feminist that you are. Our unisex jumper means that it's perfect to gift to your female and male friends.
  • Pink Maya Angelou Sassy Slogan Sweatshirt
    This quote celebrates Maya Angelou's 'Still I Rise' poem. Our embroidered slogan slogan jumper is for the unapologetically fierce and sassy woman.
  • Nah Rosa Parks Feminist Slogan T-shirt
    Inspired by the civil rights activist Rosa Parks, her bravery in standing up for herself and resistance to racial segregation lead to the Montgomery Bus Boycott, a pivotal moment in history. This is the perfect versatile t-shirt for the strong-headed lady. Wear a size larger for an oversized t-shirt look.
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