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20 Jul 2019 by: conscious COTTON CONSCIOUS

We are Cotton Conscious, a small independent company offering, very special uniquely handwoven COTTON SCARVES and COTTON CLOTHING. Mainly using KHADI (a historical Indian fabric handwoven on traditional wooden Charkha spinning wheels). Made in India our ethically produced clothing collections are inspired by the beauty of the East, with attention to comfort, functionality and elegance. Craftsmen and women, use traditional woodblock printing techniques and natural Indigo dye to produce these unique heritage fabrics. For 6 months of the year, we live and work daily alongside our small team of tailors (5 people including us) in a traditional mill and workshop in the Himalayas, India. Over 6 months we slowly create small quantities of timeless, stylish and practical Cotton Conscious garments. The tailors are fairly paid, directly by us.

Our products are not mass manufactured, in factories in India, China or Bangladesh. Everything is designed and handmade ethically in-house (a humble, traditional tailors workshop in Rishikesh, India) also known as “The Land of the Gods”). We believe you can feel a special energy in the fabric that can only be found when wearing handcrafted clothes.

Cotton Conscious is an ethical label / mini co-operative for the Worldwide traveller, offering a small collection of affordable luxury. Comfortable, limited edition designs that compliment a natural lifestyle at home or abroad.

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