18 Dec 2018 by: Laura and Cheryl Hooper The Conscious Company

Founders of The Conscious Company, mother/daughter duo Cheryl and Laura Hooper have a clear story to tell that started from a back-packing trip around the world before Laura was born. 

The 13-month trip inspired a wish to make the world a better place after witnessing inequality and injustice in the poorest places, says Co-Founder Cheryl. 

She said: “The world is an awe-inspiring place, but it can be all too easy to get stuck in your own ‘bubble’. My travels inspired me to pursue a career in poverty relief and I have since made sure that my family witnessed the world around them”. 

Twenty-five years later after extensive travel, The Conscious Company brand became the inspiration of daughter Laura (22), whose values remain firm. 

The brand was established with the key principle of using wardrobe basics to change attitudes so that consumers can contribute in their own personal way to make a positive difference.

Laura said: “By buying our clothes, consumers are making a personal contribution to the greater good. Not only does this make them feel happy, but it’s one small step closer to making a positive change to the world which we live in.

“Our story is about changing attitudes and consciousness through on-trend fashion. We have established a brand that is changing the face of fashion through designs that reflect a growing movement led by consumers who want to make a positive difference”. 

The use of sustainable and ethical materials is just one side of the brand’s clothing range. Thoughtful and catchy slogans have caught the attention of buyers as far flung as the USA, Philippines, South America and Europe as well as it’s growing UK support.

With over 25 years working in poverty relief for charities, Cheryl has a direct link with the projects supported through sales of the brand’s growing collection of organic Tees and sweatshirts for women and men.

She said: “Giving a percentage of proceeds to charitable causes is not a token effort to increase sales.

“Buying into the brand make a real difference to the lives of people who live without the basic necessities in life such as water and electricity”. 

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Cheryl Hooper is also Director of an international development charity, with programmes supporting orphans and vulnerable children to access education as a route out of poverty in Zambia. With 25 years experience working for international and UK charities, charitable giving is more than a token gesture and international projects are visited and verified.

The Conscious Company is the brainchild of Laura Hooper and also works in PR managing a diverse range of projects.

For further information please contact:

* Cheryl Hooper ( / 07898 951009

* Laura Hooper ( / 07794 442415

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